Born with a clear mission – whatever the times, Latvians must brew beer. Inspired by more than half a century of experience and hundreds of years of tradition, growing and developing alongside us. Today as the highest achievement to take pride in. The future - a challenge of unknown horizons to explore.


Premium beer, brewed in accordance with modern standards for quality and decades of experience. Brewed using only barley malts, deep-bore water and specially selected varieties of hops for more than half a century. That is how a Latvian taste is crafted.


Premium beer made from purposefully selected ingredients. Carefully balanced flavour, instantly recognizeable for anyone, who has sampled it. Sweetness from several malts intertwined with the bitterness of various hop varieties. An aroma of malted barley and herbal hop notes. A beer range for true beer lovers.

Alcohol consumption is harmul to your health. Sale, supply and giving alcohol to under-aged is illegal.
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